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Hi, I am Lanna, a 30-something entrepreneur, published vegetarian cookbook author, model, CPA, and nutritionist. I love all things related to natural health, weight loss and beauty, vegetarian foods, innovative products, nutrition, and exotic things. If you were looking for information on my natural Silk skincare products, please visit my business site http://www.SilkSwan.com

Updated on August 12, 2014 –

I created this site in 2012 to share my vegetarian recipes to help people lose weight, the same way I lost over 40 pounds.  A lot has happened since,  and I think it’s time to update the About Me. I still eat vegetarain, but I have come to realize that living a beautiful and healthy life is much more than a few recipes. So what changed me? I started my own natural skincare company called Silk Swan (www.SilkSwan.com) in 2014. I create natural lotions and hand creams with pure natural Silk protein and exotic Essential Oils from around the world. Starting a new business is extremely stressful, and I worked like a mad woman for a few months. Even though I was eating the same as usual, I lost 10 pounds in a month because of stress.  More importantly, I have never felt more ill or unhappy.

Fast forward to now, I am better and have gained back the weight I lost under stress. I realized that you want a healthy, beautiful life .  But most importantly, you want to be able to enjoy it.  It’s not just a number on the scale, a superfood, a recipe, a look, or a title. It’s about a feeling – a happy, healthy and beautiful feeling that only you can create for yourself. So my new mission is to share my health, beauty tips and recipes with you, hoping to make you healthier and more beautiful easier and faster.  You are your best asset, so invest in yourself!

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Former chubby girl, I’ve lost over  40 pounds eating a healthy, low-oil, vegetarian diet.  Of all the diets I have tried in the past 20 years, this is the one that really worked. Not just for my weight loss, it also supports my now active lifestyle.

I eat mostly whole food, low oil, low sugar, high fiber, plant-based foods. Let’s be honest, no one eats perfectly healthy, 100% of the time. I try to avoid processed foods as much as I can, but chocolate is still my weakness. Haha..

There are hundreds of recipes on this website. They are globally inspired, including lots of Asian yummies,  vegetarian, vegan, raw, gluten free. You got it, I love to eat : ),  and I enjoy a wide range of cuisines.  It doesn’t matter if you are a vegetarian,  my recipes and tips can help anyone who wants to re-shape their body without starving themselves. I will show you the right way, the smart way, and exactly what I eat to lose 40 pounds and stay in shape.

Download a free sample of my cookbook “Light Asian Salads – Quicks and Healthy Vegetarian Salads”, including calories and nutritional info for every recipe. All whole food, low fat recipes that are great for a lean and health body.

I hold a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell University and T. Colin Campbell Foundation.

Read about my weight gain and loss journey below.


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My Story


When I was a teenager, I struggled with weight issues. I was at a normal weight until I turned 13 and suddenly gained about 20 pounds over a year. Hormonal changes? For sure. But that wasn’t the only reason. I was addicted to junk food, and potato chips and cookies were my favorite snacks. This was in the early 90’s in China and few kids had weight issues, so my weight made me feel isolated. I knew I had a problem but I didn’t know where to go for help. Then throughout college I was a yo-yo dieter, which worked as well as you can imagine.


Needless to say, I was very frustrated with the never-ending diets.


In 2000, I moved from China to Chicago and got my first job. New to the city, I didn’t have any friends or a social life because of my hectic job. I soon became exhausted and depressed. Junk food quickly became my best friend again. My weight gain went out of control. Within 8 months, I gained almost 40 pounds on my 5-foot-4 frame!  Having spent a large part of my life dealing with weight issues alone, I was frightened that I was caught in a weight gain trap –  which made me feel even more alone.


But fear actually pushed me over the edge at that point and I started reading about vegetarian diet, nutrition, fitness and all things related to weight loss. First, I eliminated meat from my meals, and I felt the increase in energy level almost immediately. It wasn’t difficult for me to stop eating meat, because I always liked vegetables. I began to exercise more, and my weight slowly came off. It still took me about 2.5 years to lose the 40 lbs I gained in 8 months, but I honestly have never felt or looked better. I have been a vegetarian ever since, and I know that is what really changed everything for me. Now I eat mostly vegan, and I try to avoid processed foods. But I don’t think it is necessary to label my diet. My motivation is health. I do my best to eat a balanced plant-based diet, and exercise regularly to stay lean and fit. Honestly, it hasn’t always been easy for me to lose fat and maintain a healthy weight, because I also have bad eating habits (snacking).

My recipes posted here are not only healthy and tasty, most of them take very little time. I am all about getting it done and getting out of the kitchen fast, because I have another business to run.  If I can make healthy, nutritious and inexpensive food in about 30 minutes, that is the best use of my time. You can do it, too.

So, tell me, what is your current struggle with food and weight loss? Email me at Lannaonline@gmail.com or leave a comment below. I read all my emails and comments.  Also, follow me on Pinterest, Youtube, Google +, and Facebook.

If you like exotic, natural body care products without perfume, parabens, phthalates, SLS, and harsh chemicals, check out my products at www.SilkSwan.com


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